Champagne Food Makes a Great Impression

The holidays are a great time to entertain, they provide us with an opportunity to gather with friends and family and catch up with the events that occurred since last the last time you got together. Of course, no family get-together or holiday party would be complete without food. There are endless lists of food that we can offer a party. When having a truly special occasion it is important that you provide a little class and style, a great way to do this is to serve your guests champagne food.

The Impression you make when throwing a party is often directly connected to what you feed your guests. Even with holiday parties and family get-togethers, the quickest way to someone's heart is through the stomach. Consequently, what you serve at a party is important. Champagne food allows you to pull out all the stops and create a huge impression for your family and friends.

Nothing says class and sophistication like champagne. There is something truly unique and special about this bubbly concoction. Real traditional French champagne is a recognized as the drink for special occasions. Champagne has been served at some of the finest events in the world, such as presidential inaugurations and Royal balls. Champagne is good enough for presidents and royalty and certainly is good enough for your most discriminating guest.

While Champagne stands out great by itself is even better when accented with the right food. Champagne food is equally as sophisticated and elegant as champagne itself. When grouping food with Champagne it is important that you accent the taste and the quality of the champagne. One simple way to accent champagne is to serve a tray of assorted cheeses.

Due to the many different styles and varieties of cheeses there is something that will match everyone's taste. For the sophisticated palate there is Roquefort. And for the more down-to-earth taste there is a good mild cheddar or Swiss. Of course, you will want to group the class of champagne with the class of cheese.

Champagne is grouped into different categories, and the food that should be eaten with these categories should be equally classed with the characteristics of your type of champagne. Keep in mind that you do not want to overpower the champagne with the food, but rather accent its qualities. In many cases champagne food should be sweet, such as chocolates and other fun desserts.

When grouping chocolate and champagne it is a good idea to buy champagne that is considered relatively sweet. Another great food for champagne is breakfast. Such dishes as eggs and French toast go well with sweet champagnes while fresh fruit goes well with medium or dried champagne.One popular way to drink champagne with breakfast is to serve the champagne as a cocktail. This popular drinking is known as a mimosa. This cocktail is simple to make and consists of equal parts of champagne and orange juice. Of course, you can vary this combination to cater to your guests personal taste.

To create a truly great impression at a formal dinner gathering champagne food is unequalled. In order to make a great impression at a formal dinner function serve champagne and fresh seafood such as oysters and other shellfish plus gentle whitefish. Champagne is also well-suited to delicate cuts of meat. When Serving poultry very light champagnes is favoured. No matter the occasion there is champagne food that will provide a great impression with all your guests.

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